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Join us on the next level of demand and result-oriented training concept.

The STEINSOHN COMPETENCE program offers a wide range of courses and classroom sessions on the topics of surgery, prosthodontics, and ceramic implants.

Are you interested in an education training course?  +4915678545822 

Head of Education


Ewelina Sasinowska

Are you interested in an education training course?  +4915678545822 


Lustmühle, Switzerland

 Everything you need to know about safe, easy, successful dental surgery and ceramic implant use. Be among the first to get new easy surgery and implantation methods that a proven successful  For further information and registration contact:


Głęboczek, Poland

A  group of a maximum five dentists is the guarantee for the perfect education. The goal is to gain broad knowledge and experience in easy dental surgery and ceramic implant placement.  The theoretical and practical part is shown in a way you will be able to apply your new skills as soon as you are back in the office.  For further information and registration contact :

Getting started in ceramic implantology has never been easier than with the S EDUCATION starter concept! Intelligent simplicity with maximum safety is the focus of this training level.

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