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 MERIDIAN implant Site preparation with MAGNETIC MALLET is again positioned as the best solution for solving implant placement cases: it increases the bone-to-implant ratio at the initial stage of placement, improving the primary stability of the implant and accelerating bone healing.


Growth, less drill

  1. The force applied to the inserts is high and short; therefore, the surgery is faster and more precise.

  2. The handpiece is operated with one hand and the movement is only longitudinal; therefore, operative control is better and operative risk is reduced.

  3. The absence of rotating instruments and the absence of irrigation allow cold surgery without the risk of tissue overheating and infection.

 Meridian, less drill




Irrigation is not necessary since any mechanical friction created by the microsecond impulse is insufficient to increase the temperature of the bone.



Bone is moved, reformed and condensed, never removed leaving soft tissue intact.

Screenshot 2023-09-15 231124_edited.jpg


Without the need for irrigation, the visibility in the treatment area is significantly increased allowing the operator to better control the progressive penetration of the selected instrument.


The Magnetic Dynamic propulsion applies more force than hand-held instruments. This means you will be able to operate more effectively.


The forces are focused on the treated area, limiting their dispersion as much as possible. This means more patient comfort and total accuracy during the procedure.


The ergonomics of the handpiece allows it to be used with one hand and facilitates its positioning in the area to be treated. The instruments operate with a longitudinal movement without risk of deviations due to the different bone consistencies.


PEARL® design

Combined with state-of-the-art surfaces, the PEARL® implant design makes the ideal solution possible for all bone classes. The Active thread® is continuous without brakes. This brings more primary stability and more aggressive contact with the bones optimal combination of the conical basic form with dynamic, active, and self-cutting threads achieves high primary stability even in soft D3 bone

FORCE absorber®

Soft ceramic was a dream, now become a reality. Our ceramic absorbs the force which makes final restauration even safer. The zirconia MERIDIAN uses is the material of choice in biological and immunological implantology and you can make the implantation drill free*.

BONE spreader® 3

Our patented ring around the thread expands the bone structure. A few minutes later the bone moves back into the micro thread and brings a higher stability.

B.B. chambers® 

The blood-bone chambers are the next revolution in implantology. We use the structure of the implant to collect the bone and produce a blood clot in the cortical region. More pieces of information means better healing. Impossible in the titanium implant world.

ceramic dental implants ...

 SAS® Smart abutment system 

By choosing the position of the oval abatement your prosthetics restoration is in the perfect position 

Fewer preparations means save time and material fatigue. 

 ceramic dental implants

This patented system makes it possible to position and prep the shoulder on a custom basis to defined preparation limits. The shoulder design makes it possible to produce the optimal soft tissue shape for a safe and aesthetic solution.

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